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KISS – Keep it Simple, Stupid

I'm not going to talk about training in this blog, but I am going show you the “Keep It Simple, Stupid” principle using training to get my point across.

I hear this ALL THE TIME… “that workout looked so easy when I walked in, but it was one of the hardest workouts we have ever done!”

Believe me, it wasn’t anything special: split squats, pushups, row movement, and a core exercise.

Literally those were the exercises, but what made it work so well are the basic movement principle of push-pull, coaching, and a little magic called effort!

The same Keep It Simple, Stupid concept applies for good nutrition. Here’s how;

Rule #1: Make the right Choices. We all know what good choices are; fruits and veggies, complex-low glycemic carbs, lean proteins, and healthy fats. The right choices are how you exchange them to make your macro’s correct.

Rule #2: Eat on time. Here’s how; choose a consistent pattern of when you eat, this means a consistent time of day, and stick to it. Some ideas to help guide you are how many meals per day? 3-4-5-6-7? Are you waking and eating? Do you follow a pattern after your first meal of the day? Are you following a sports performance diet? Fasting? Fat loss? Weight gain?

Rule #3: Prepare with planning, food shopping, storing, food prepping, and carrying.

Rule #4: Consistency. Create your habits!

Now you can see how we approach helping people get to their goals fast!

Train hard and have fun!

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